Our mission is to provide mentoring and transitional services to ensure the successful reintegration of returning citizens in Washington, DC. We seek to reduce recidivism by becoming the nation’s leading comprehensive support services program to successfully reconnect these citizens to society.

Corey Knight​

Founder & CEO

Corwin “Corey” Knight is a fourth generation Washingtonian of the District of Columbia (DC) and former offender of the judiciary system who has successfully transitioned back into society. His mission is to bridge the gap between returning citizens and society by offering mentorship, and connections to employment opportunities. He works extensively with diverse client populations, including incarcerated men, women, trans-genders, families, substance abusers, and at-risk youth. His goal is to reduce the number of offenders re-entering the system by fostering a program that will be available upon an inmate’s immediate release. He has established a link to provisional service which is a fundamental component of individual stabilization and long-term success. His objective is to reduce recidivism and increase public safety in our communities and provide effective evidence-based support services to men and women incarcerated in the DC Department of Corrections and making participants more self-supporting, responsive, and productive members of society.

Mr. Knight’s strengths lie in an authentic and common-sense approach at translating complex concepts and issues. In addition to several certifications, including Recovery Coaching and Parenting, he brings a unique expertise of having the lived experiences of facing major life obstacles, overcoming them, and the ability to translate personal experiences of restoration in a way that is universally identifiable and applicable. His experience is incredibly insightful. He has the ability to paint a living picture that connects to the heart and soul. Because of his authentic role, peers find him relatable and come to believe in an inner wisdom of the listener allowing them to make the mental leap from their current circumstance to a vision of a better life for themselves.

Corey has accomplished being in recovery and clean from substance abuse for 13 years. He has become a certified life coach and has just begun a new business District Water Company and (Community Café Express) in the community. This new venture is a catering company that will be used as a training ground for at-risk youth to learn culinary and hospitality skills. He also has The District Water Company ( Purified Bottle Water) is a business which keeps youth in the community safe and working while providing them entrepreneurship training and other opportunities. His objectives are to decrease the number of youth becoming incarcerated or not completing high school.


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