Everyone has a story

Mr. Corwin Knight was released from FCI Fairton in New Jersey on September 27, 2007 making a commitment to never return. He soon realized that transitioning back into the community he left was no easy task. Through these endeavors, Mr. Knight began to volunteer for various agencies and non profits throughout his community. Understanding the lack of platforms for individuals trying to re-establish themselves, he opted to take steps towards making a difference. In August of 2010, the Hope Foundation was established under the direction of Executive Director and CEO, Corey Knight. As a successful ex-offender, he wanted to provide free pre and post release services to men and women returning to the Washington, DC community.

With a mission to provide hands-on community transition services to returning citizens, Corey aimed to significantly decrease the risk of recidivism and promote successful re-integration back in to society, motivated and ready work. The Hope Foundation’s programs are designed to bridge the gap between ex-offenders and society by offering mentoring, addiction prevention services, workforce development, and job/employment training opportunities. Underscored by the need to address relevant factors such as drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, unemployment and low education, the Hope Foundation’s program centers on making participants self-supporting, responsive and motivated productive members of society.


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