October 22, 2018



                     Strategic Alternative for Effective Mentoring


The Safe Mentoring Program course is a cognitive-behavioral program, created to meet the specific needs of at risk youth population. It seeks to foster effective communication, healthy relationships, extended family values, and healthy self-esteem. In addition to criminal lifestyle, gang violence, behavior problems, and emotional disturbances. The program is grounded in basic strategies and information appropriate for all socio-economic status levels but especially for individuals ages 18-25 years old.




The Hope Foundation argue that today’s youth face more serious and critical risks than any previous generation. Most experts will agree that violence in our neighborhoods and schools, deteriorating family structure, substance abuse, alarming media images, and gang activity put young males at-risk. Young adult males who have trouble coping with the stresses of life are more likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, and engage in criminal activity. Many of these at-risk youth will eventually find themselves locked up in detention centers or living on the streets.

At-risk youth post a more challenging problem, because many have already been socialized into a deviant lifestyle. For these kids to feel hopeful, they must come to believe that the future has possibilities for them, they can attain their goals, and there are adults who will support them so they can better their lives 

The Safe mentoring initiative will have a positive impact with families and communities. The Hope Foundation will inform, educate and emphasize the need for men to focus on a strategic method to save and empower our youth population.