October 22, 2018

Recent Successes Awards

Hope Foundation’s Achievements

2016 Living Legends Award

2015 Mentor of the Year

2014 Mayor’s Service Star Award

2014 Unsung Hero Award

2012 Office of Returning Citizens Affairs Community Appreciation Award

2012 Community Leadership Award

2014, 2013 and 2012 Correction Corporation of America/ Appreciation Award

2014, 2013, and 2012 Department of Correction/ Certificate of Recognition Award

2013 Department of Correction/ Making a Difference Award


Active Program and Groups

Community Re-entry Therapy - Recovery coaching, anger management tools, individual recovery assessments, life skills training.  One on one meetings, group meetings, and phone calls are used to facilitate the re-entry process.

Residential treatment facility (DOC)-facilitate 3 groups, 2 hours per week.  Each group has roughly 50 inmates.
Teen Program (Malcom X recreation center) – Twice a week 20 participants

Re-entry program (DOC) – Once a week, 37 inmates

Juvenile group (DOC) – Once a week, 13 inmates Program will expand to 3 days per week.

Women Group, Residential Treatment facility (DOC) – Twice a week, 20 female inmates.

Women’s Re-entry Unit (DOC) - Once a week, 40 female inmates.

Fairview Halfway House -Twice a week, 25 participants

D.C. Jail Group (DOC) - Once a week, 45 inmates
Saturday group meetings- Once a week, 16 mentees  

CSOSA Faith based initiative mentoring program- Once a week, 2 hours per week, one on one meetings, group meetings, and phone meetings, 5 mentees.

Total people reached: On average 221 people a week are reached

Program Volunteers:
Director of Juvenile Services- Terrance Davis
Program Assistants/Program Facilitators

Anthony Hopkins – Youth Coordinator
Christine Yates- Anger Management Facilitator, Fairview Halfway House
Olivia Henderson- Parenting Facilitator, Department of Corrections
Rosetta Kelly- Recovery Coach, Department of Corrections
Tecoy Wade – Peer Specialist - Recovery Coach

Rachelle Ellison – Peer Specialist