October 22, 2018

Program/ Services

Program 1: Recovery Support Services Pre and Post Release
The recovery coach program is an intensive, community-based case management program for people who have entered an addiction treatment program or have been screened for treatment. The program is designed as an integrated component of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. The primary purpose of the recovery coach program is to help individuals in addiction treatment gain access to needed resources, services, or supports that help them achieve recovery from their substance use disorder (heretofore referred to as an SUD). Recovery coaches can help individuals address multiple domains in the their life that have been impacted by their SUD, but are difficult to address within the structure of most addiction treatment programs, such as returning to employment or finding stable housing. Recovery coaches can also help individuals transition through the continuum of addiction treatment (i.e., from jails to aftercare). Finally, recovery coaches can help individuals sustain their recovery after the formal addiction treatment component has been completed through consultation, skills training, and, of course, mentoring.

PROGRAM 2: Anger Management/ Regaining Your Emotional Balance
Emotional balance is difficult for the first several months of recovery, and begins to stabilize in time. However, the first months can be very uncertain for those who are feeling their emotions and learning to express them for the first time in many years. Active addiction robs each person of the ability to participate in a healthy emotional relationship with themselves, therefore with others as well. Addicts become so estranged from their own feelings that expression of them is impossible. Add alcohol or other drugs to the mix, and there is little emotional experience. If they use substances, they need to be stabilized in their early recovery before they are available for emotional responses to their significant relationships.

Program 3: Effective Parenting Program
Effective Parenting program (EPP), a cognitive-behavioral program, was created to meet the specific needs of African-American parents. It seeks to foster effective family communication, healthy African-American identity, extended family values, child growth and development, and healthy self-esteem. In addition, it facilitates efforts to combat child abuse, substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, gang violence, learning disorders, behavior problems, and emotional disturbances. The program is grounded in basic parenting strategies and information appropriate for all social-economic status levels but especially for parents of children aged 2-12 years old. The program is taught in two formats: as a class with 8 hour and thirty minute training sessions that emphasize role playing and home behavior change projects, and a one-day seminar version for very large groups of parents.

Program 4:  Women Circle Group/ Trauma Sessions
Helping Women Recover: A Program for Treating Substance Abuse and Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women are manual-driven treatment programs developed by Dr. Stephanie Covington leading trauma expert that, when combined serve women in criminal justice or correctional settings who have substance use disorders and are likely to have co-occurring trauma histories (i.e., sexual or physical abuse). The comprehensive, seventeen-session curriculum contains four modules that address the areas that women in treatment identify as triggers for relapse: self, relationships, sexuality and spirituality. They include the issues of self-esteem, sexism, family of origin, relationships, domestic violence, and trauma.
Goals: Reduce substance use; Encourage enrollment in voluntary aftercare treatment services upon release; reduce the probability of re-incarceration following release.