November 22, 2018
Terrence A Davis Sr. Program Director
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Currently the Program Director with the Hope Foundation, Inc., Terrence Davis grew up in Newark, New Jersey and relocated to the Washington Metropolitan. Over the past 18 years, Mr. Davis elevated his skill as a problem-solving facilitator to a strategic interventionist in the areas of behavior modification, chemical dependency, psychiatric rehabilitation, and youth development. Despite enduring physical and emotional trauma as an adolescent and having a personal involvement with violence and drugs, he was able to overcome the most challenging elements of our society with strong supports from family and community while continuing to practice a model of principles, routine, and healthy lifestyle choices that produced lasting change in his life. Terrence uses these same experiences and practices to connect with diverse populations including the homeless, mentally and emotionally challenged, at-risk youth and the incarcerated community to meet then where ever they are and communicate a desire, willingness and competence to support them to navigating through the challenges they’ll encounter ahead. His extensive contributions to youth development have established a track record of favorable outcomes. He’s provided leadership and oversight to various programs to ensure that all clients are afforded a secure, safe, and therapeutic environment. In addition, he’s successfully provided behavior modification therapy for children, adolescents and young adults presenting typical Axis I & II disorders including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and various mood disorders. Moreover, he’s provided a continuum of care in the community, participating in the development of 504/IEP treatment plan meetings in conjunction with the Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), Child and Family Services (CFSA), the Department of Public Services (PDS), the Court Services and Supervision Agency (CSOSA), and various interdisciplinary teams. Throughout the years he has developed a strategic intervention style that is genuine, thought provoking and engaging; one that allows him to be equally effective providing long term coaching, mentoring, case management, and life skills to adults coping with incarceration, substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, transition and prosocial behaviors. Terrence has completed a wide range of trainings and certifications in the human services areas including: Alternatives to Incarceration for Offenders with Mental Health Disorders, Psychiatric Rehab Assessment, Residential Services, Child Abuse, Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Veterans, Depressive Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse, Non Violence Crisis Intervention, Suicide Prevention, Working with the Homeless tools techniques and treatment, and Behavioral Health Services. He continues to provide on-going case management, re-entry transitioning, behavior modification, and mentoring services to returning citizens as well as those in the community through various evidence based programs through the Hope Foundation with Mr. Corey Knight and as the Director of the newly implemented S.A.F.E Mentoring Program.